The Outcome is Income- A 3 tiered Company

About Us


The above photo is our house in Boulder city Nevada.  We won "The Great Christmas Light Fight" on ABC 2016.  Its our passion to give back to the community.  To the left is Dyanah in front of 20,000 people training others.  

Our unique approach to working our passions have allowed us to open three divisions (our 3 tier approach).  it is proven that the most successful people have a least 3 sources of Income.  It is our goal to help others achieve the dream we have lived of Working when we want and with whom we want. 

Tier one-Our pet division is on a mission to help our furry friends live healthier lives

Tier two- Creating a presence in this digital world through an on line referral platform with state of the art social media tools and digital  business cards.  

Tier three-  Saving money and making money on bills you have to pay


You will be feeding children -

In our Tier 3 division, once we get your service set up to help you save money you will be contributing a meal every month for a child right here in the USA

TIER 1 Pet's need this!


Pet's are family too! This is Kodi- Our reason for adding this tier to our company

Welcome to Petstuffplus.PetClub 247, where the health and well being of our pets meets opportunity. We are on a mission to change the pet industry. We’ve developed a better way where we can provide our pets with good, wholesome and healthy products – in confidence.  There is so much that the public is unaware of when it comes to what food and treats are right for our pets. We’ve simplified the process by bringing on board the best choice

Pet cancer is on the rise

 Cancer in our pets is on the rise.  1 in 10 will be diagnosed with cancer.  This is so sad and needs to be stopped.  We are offering immune boosting,  life enhancing buscuits with the Coriolos Versicolor Mushroom. Please visit our store and order this life enhancing product.

MUSHPONIES- A delicious supplement for Horses. Includes Glucosamine,  Carotene and Chondroitin for Joint Health. Ingredients: Organic spelt  flour, whole wheat flour, rolled oats, apple juice. Apple pieces, carrot  pieces, natural apple flavor, coconut oil, mixed tocopherals (Vitamin  E) as a natural preservative.  in 8 oz and 16 oz bags


An opportunity to help other pets and share in the revenue stream.

We have a way for people, just like you and me, to share in the revenue stream of the multi-billion dollar Pet industry, simple by making a referral.  Sound good? Great click on the video and learn more about or wonderful products we offer and the income opportunity.

TIER 2- Grow your business

Our on line referral platform

WANT MORE CUSTOMERS?  Create a presence in the digital world through an on line platform we can help you gain referrals . Join a community today!

State of the art Digital business card

88% of all Business Cards are thrown away or lost.  You only have a 12% chance of someone keeping your information. You simply text your digital business card to someone and you have 100% change that you will not be tossed as you are now in their cell phone.  Check my state of the art business card at

Take your Business "Viral"

Want more?  how about a social media matt that takes your business viral. Contact me for a demonstration

TIER 3- Products and Services


Cell Phone service through Sprint and Verizon

The best service at the best price with concierge service.  This, making your cost saving transition seamless Contact as the below e mail and we will get back to you with a no obligation analysis of what we can do to help you save. Our free at 5 program allows you to have FREE cell service after you have referred 5 customers in any state on any plan.


Internet, TV, and Alarm Systems

Internet with National Suppliers.  TV packages with all budgets in mind.  Our state of the art Alarm Systems offer video monitoring and medical alert buttons.   Simply call or e mail us and we will show you how we can help you save.


Merchant services, Gas,Electric, Solar

Offering easy to understand rates on Credit card processing.  Due to deregulation we now offer Gas, Electric, & Solar at competitive rates. Simply call us or e mail us and we will get back to you with a no obligation analysis of how we can help you save.